Unify your business funnels with the Open Source Integrations

The digital world is becoming interlinked and more connected. Every retailer or a merchant wishes to serve an OpenSource omnichannel experience to its customer base.

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Today, most of the retailer owns a physical store along with an online eCommerce Store which is accompanied by a Mobile App. Retailers also wish to sell their goods at popular eCommerce Marketplaces like Etsy, eBay or others to outreach beyond their customer base.

It becomes quite hard for retailers to manage all these different entities at the same time. However, going omnichannel is a must have for any vendor in today’s competitive world, but it is hard to invest a huge amount of capital and resources for the sprouting small scaled ventures or vendors to get started. Apart from this, it is obvious a vendor will turn into an enterprise sooner or later and he may need Product Information Manager (PIM) to manage the huge dataset.

So, How a retailer can cope up with such a complex architecture?
This is where OpenSource Frameworks comes into play. Open Source Softwares or Frameworks are built with an eye on collaboration and have “open to read” codebase; a developer can easily access the code to create set of tools or apps which are required for the integrations.

We at IPRO have created set of ready to use tools and apps to bring a seamless omnichannel eCommerce experience for your customer base.